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Welcome to my small, but slowly growing collection of Marmalade Boy cels and sketches.

I never expected to get deeply involved with this series, but the solid animation and excellent voice acting pulled me in.

Marmalade Boy was directed by Akinori Yabe, who also worked on Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers), and Bikkuri-man, among others. Toei Animation, responsible for such smash hits as the DragonBall and Sailor Moon series, would head up animation production for Marmalade Boy

As for the voice acting, the title character Yuu Matsuura was voiced by Ryoutarou Okiayu, with Mariko Kouda co-starring as Miki Koishikawa. A number of other well-known seiyuu-or voice actors-round out the remaining cast.

 Ginta lays it on the line.

 Suzu Doesn't Want Yuu Hurt (Part 1)

 Suzu Doesn't Want Yuu Hurt (Part 2)

 Won't Meiko Be Busy?

 I Gotta Get Outta Here

 Congratulations, Meiko. (Initial Shock)
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