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Koyomi (aka "Yomi") - Digital Paint #2 AND #2 SE, "Azumanga Daioh"
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Added 11/23/2018
Updated 11/23/2018
Episode 26 - Graduation Ceremony

This repaint is based on the douga exhibit entitled "Yomi Can't Believe Her Eyes", which you can view on the previous page.

It's such a great moment, I had to see if I could bring the color back. This repaint is based on the seller's scan, rather than my own photo.

Production Method

I used the open source vector drawing program Inkscape v0.92 to manually trace the scan, then sampled the colors from a screen cap of the original. This is the same process I used for the douga repaint of Voogie from Voogie's Angel, which you can find at this page.

I used my the "Sports Fest" layout correction to determine where to place the frame cutout. It is only a rough approximation of the finished TV frame.

I find it rather fitting that she seems to be looking right at the name of her voice actor, though that was not intentional.

Digital Paint #2 Special Edition

Clicking on the thumbnail below will display a version of the repaint with something missing-her glasses.

Yomi's glasses are almost always on her in the series, and they glare way too often in my opinion. Rarely is she in a good mood when her glasses are off.

The original douga did not have complete lines for the front of her visible eye thanks to the glasses. I used a close up from the scene following to work out the shape.

I love to get a look at her without them, and I hope you will too.

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